3 Interviews From The Cast of The Walking Dead

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  • 09 Mar 13

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The Walking Dead story carries on but for today we will concentrate on 3 interviews from the cast on the set.

carl grimes the walking dead character

Chandler Riggs as Carl Grimes

First there is an interview with child actor Chandler Riggs who takes on the part of Carl Grimes and he talks about his most tough scene so far this year. He speaks in his interview about what it’s like to be the youngest boy on the set and says that he loves hanging out with Norman and Steven as they are fun to be with.

He was asked what it was like to be without having Sarah Wayne Callies and also Jon Bernthal? And he said that it was hard to see them go because he learned a lot from them and he misses them.

Chandler was also asked in the interview if he had matured as an actor over the seasons in the show? To which he replied that it has helped him so much to learn from the others especially Andrew Lincoln. He was also asked what he does in his spare time? and he said that when he has time away from the show that he plays video games with his friends.

lori grimes the walking dead character

Sarah Wayne Callies as Lori Grimes

The second interview this time was with Sarah Wayne Callies who plays Lori Grimes. She was asked what it was like to see her character meet her end? And she said that that it was very emotional and that she had to grieve and say goodbye to her friends on set. She was also asked when she found out that this would be Lori’s last season? To which she replied that it was in February when she came back from Thailand and was told by Glen Mazzara that Lori was going, and that she was just grateful that she got to do it for two and a half seasons.

She was then asked if it was difficult to keep Lori’s death a secret? And she said that she was really trying to mislead people and said to anyone who asked her that there was such a big cast that each character had time off, so as to avoid answering directly.

Milton Mamet the walking dead character

Dallas Roberts as Milton Mamet

The third interview is with Dallas Roberts who plays Milton Mamet. He was asked because Milton is a bit of an egghead, if he had to do anything to prepare to play this guy? He said that he understood that section of Milton as he was a bit that way himself when he was younger and that it was great evolving the relationship with him.

He was also asked if the work on The Walking Dead was as he imagined? To which he replied that he thought he would end up being running over the woods along with guns a blazing and hadn’t actually done too much of that this kind of season. He went onto say that Woodbury was a thoroughly different type of setting than they have had to deal with as it was much more civilized as well as those people who had guest appeared in the last season were saying ‘is this exactly the same show’?

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