Full Episode: The Walking Dead Season 1 Episode 1 – ‘Days Gone Bye’

The Walking Dead Season 1 Episode 1 - 'Days Gone Bye' - 2

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The Walking Dead Season 1 Episode 1 Recap

A Sheriff Deputy, Rick Grimes, found a zombie girl at a gas station and was forced to shoot her death. The Scene later flashes back to the time when he was in a coma after a gunfight, and woke up in a world full of zombies or later they will be called the walking dead. His wife Lori and his son Carl were gone. In his search around his house’s neighborhood, he met a father and son holed up in their house and they said that CDC issued that Atlanta, Georgia was then a quarantined zone.

Rick than depart for Atlanta, leaving the father and son with a police weapon and walkie-talkie so they could keep a contact and had a means to defend themselves. The Scene went back to Lori and Rick’s old partner, Shane Walls, who started a romantic relationship because Shane told Lori that Rick was dead. Other survivors were also there at their hiding at the rural area of Atlanta. When Rick arrived at Atlanta, he was welcomed by hoards of walkers. The episode ended with Rick stuck inside a tank and having a transmission from mysterious person.
The Walking Dead Season 1 Episode 1 - 'Days Gone Bye' - 1

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  1. I can't believe you can't watch the whole season of 1..only 6? wtf?

  2. The Walking Dead Season 3 must pay firstt….dammmm

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