Full Episode: The Walking Dead Season 1 Episode 4 – ‘Vatos’

The Walking Dead Season 1 Episode 4 - 'Vatos' - 2

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The Walking Dead Season 1 Episode 4 Recap

The group then started their search for Merle while retrieving back Rick’s bag. However, they were attacked by a group of Latino men, aiming the weapon as well for their own self-defense against the walker. The group managed to get one of them who were injured, while the others managed to escape. From the captured one, they managed to locate the Latino men’s hideout and then went there to exchange the hostage with something that they might get from the group. This didn’t go well. The Latino wanted to have the prisoner exchange as well as the bag of weapons. When bloodshed was almost taking place, one of the Latino’s grandmas prevented that from happening. Then after that it was discovered that the gang actually put a menacing front for protective means. They were formerly an attendants at a nursing house with elderly as the main patients.

Most of them were hiding somewhere safer. After that Rick left them some guns, did the prisoner exchange, and left them. Returned from the hide out, the van was missing. Later they learnt that it was Merle who stole it. The scene went back to the camp. Large number of walkers were riding up hills, surprising everyone at the camp. Among the killed survivor were Andrea’s sister and Carol’s husband, Ed. Then Rick and the other arrived at the camp, killing all the walkers attacking.
The Walking Dead Season 1 Episode 4 - 'Vatos' - 1

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  4. ive tried watching season 1 episode 5 and i wont let me watch the video as in it doesnt show up which is weird because i used to be able to watch all of them and so i come back to watch them again and it wont work???? any ideas

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