Full Episode: The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 11 – ‘Judge, Jury, Executioner’

the walking dead season 2 episode 11

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The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 11 Recap

Rick’s group has Randall as a hostage and Daryl intentionally harms the prisoner for some information. Randall informs that his old group is intensely equipped and consist with 30 men members and among those members even raped a couple of teenaged girls in front of their own fathers.

This convinces the group in which allowing Randall live is a big danger. Dale, horrified that will the group is in fact thinking about executing Randall, tries to encourage anyone that they have to not really compromise their own humanity.

Meanwhile, Carl walks to the forest as well as discovers a walker kept in off-road. Carl endeavors along with fails to eliminate it along with flees if this commences breaking totally free of the will get. Again on the farm, Dale ceases to persuade the group to stop the execution. Rick’s group take Randall to the barn to execute him. But Rick hesitates any time he sees that Carl will be seeing. He after that determines to delay the execution.

the walking dead season 2 episode 11 fullAt the same time, Dale encounters a gutted cow dying from the field. While he removes, he is mauled with a walker and it has his stomach ripped off. Daryl kills the walker, and Carl was in shocking to see the walker had been exactly the same one he didn’t terminate inside the forest. Daryl after that mercifully kills Dale in order to stop their suffering.

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  1. Dale shouldn't have suffered if it wasn't for Carl…

  2. Dale was an awesome character…….. and I hope Carl get slaughtered by zombies…… or shot…. anything is fine…

  3. i saw this episode a long time ago but i rewatched it idky but aawwww i cry everytime i watch dale die <3

  4. aww hershell and glenn tho

  5. CARL!!!!!!!! I will murder u! dale :'(

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