Full Episode: The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 11 – ‘I ain’t a Judas’

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The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 11 – I ain’t a Judas Recap

The episode begins with the survivors decided to regroup and going back back to the prison after they are being attacked by The Governor. While Rick and Glen think they should stay and fight, Hershel think they should flee instead. They also find out from Merle that The Governor might have weapons and mans enough to kill them all. The frustrated Rick stormed out of the room and followed by his son, Carl. Carl advises him to stop acting like he’s in charge of everything and let Daryl or Hershel deal with things.

Back in Woodbury, there’s a plan made by The Governor to attack the residents aged more than thirteen and he starts to make the list. Knowing this, Andrea confront The Governor about the attack and ask him about his promise to live Rick alone. She ends up planning to go to the prison to broker a truce in which The Governor threaten to not let her back in Woodbury if she did it. Karen also complains towards Andrea that The Governor made her asthmatic 13-years-old son go to battle. When Andrea plea him to exempt the boy from the battle, he rejects it.

Back at the Prison, Rick and the groups is preparing themselves from battle. Glenn objects the presence of Merle and asks Rick to hand him over to the Governor, in which rejected by Hershel who think Merle has a valuable military skills. Later on, Hershel and Merle bond over their amputation and the bible. Merle also warned Hershel that The Governor could never be trusted under any circumstances. In other room, Carol also reminds Daryl that although Merle is his brother, he is not good for him.

In Woodbury, Andrea tries to make an escape to the prison by asking Milton for a help, in which he refuses, frightened of betraying The Governor. But on the second thought, he finally helps her after being told to do so by The Governor. On the way to the prison, they encounter Tyrese and his crew.

Back at the prison, Merle tries to apologize to Michonne without any clear respond from her. And in the forest Milton agrees to bring Tyrese and his crew to the Woodbury.

So Andrea goes to the prison alone, and Rick spots her from the prison tower. Andrea tries to convince the group that she is on their side but Rick would not believe her after what The Governor has done to them. She asks Rick to consider a peace agreement but Hershel thinks The Governor is not interested in peace. While outside, Andrea blames Michonne for getting away from the group in which she counter her by stating how The Governor is who she thinks he is. She tells Andrea that Merle was sent to kill her after she left Woodbury.

At Woodbury, Tyrese offers to fight for The Governor to earn what they keep.

Back in the prison, Carol advices Andrea to end this right after she drops his guard by sleeping with him. Rick gives her a knife and told her to be careful. When Andrea back at Woodbury, she tells The Governor that she belongs here in Woodbury.

Later on the evening Rick tells Daryl that he is going for a gun run out with Michonne and Carl and asks him to take care of his baby.

After The Governor falls asleep, Andrea tries to kill him with the knife but she backs down.

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  1. Damn, I love this site so bad =D.
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  2. I guess I am a little sick…

  3. I guess I am a little sick…

  4. I guess I am a little sick…

  5. plzz post agin the walking dead season 3 peisode 11,…coz I love so much this movie & thanks for this site..plzzz post it again.

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  11. everyone saying the video keeps restarting randomly; right click, open in new tab. That worked for me.

  12. the governors eye patch switchs sides half way through this episode………freaky stuff :O

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  14. why didn't she kill him? nooooooooo

  15. this is an amazing site I am so happy to be able to catch up on the season I missed don't stop. please

  16. No it doesn't, the scene when he looks at it with a match was through a mirror…..

  17. carl is going to be one bada$$ when he gets older!

  18. that was one epic war but it was fair a man for a man AND WTF IS HE SEEING DEAD PEOPLE FOR EXAMPLE lori standing at her grave and when they had a shotout in the town he sees shane.ALSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSOOOOOOOOOOO THE PHONE CALL FROM THE DEAD I HOPE THEY EXPLAIN THIS LATER ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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