Full Episode: The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 13 – ‘Arrow in The Doorpost’


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The first scene of this episode showing Rick stepping inside a supply store whereas Daryl and Hershel stay guard outside. Not for long, The Governor steps out from the dark shadows and takes away his gun along with taking a seat over the table. He’s inviting Rick to do exactly the same. Rick stay guarded while holsters, but remains standing up. Taped within the desk upon the Governor’s side is a weapon.

Meanwhile, Andrea finds out the meeting has started without her. She steps inside along with attempts to mediate, but Rick and the Governor doesn’t care about her. Outside, Milton introduces himself as the Governor’s consultant.

On the jail, Glenn requests to strengthen their guard. Merle suggests they wait the Governor, yet Glenn turns this idea down, not wanting to take any risk for Rick, Hershel and Daryl in the crossfire.

Back again on the store, Rick hands out the Governor a guide map. The Governor suddenly laughs at Rick’s idea as well as asking him to give up. Andrea tries to quiet them straight down but too bad that the Governor kicks her out.

Outside, Milton writing and outlining he’s making a document of the situations after the apocalypse.

A small group of walkers approaches. Andrea, Daryl and Martinez take turns getting rid of them, showing off their special combat skill. Afterwards, Daryl and also Martinez shares cigarettes which is taken from the walker’s pocket. Martinez stating the Governor’s conference is a big joke.

Meanwhile, the Governor clarifies in which he will probably look fragile when he simply leaves Rick’s team alone. The Governor explains to Rick that the amount of his army as well as the overcome ability of Rick’s group, the battle among Woodbury along with the prison will come down to one last man standing.

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  1. why does it stop at 27th minute?

  2. What's the songs name please on 36:00.

  3. nice episode til next… thanks admin

  4. Hey. Can you guys please upload some more? It would be greatly appreciated. I'm hooked and I don't have anything else to watch. Thanks for your consideration.

  5. there's no sound in the movie.

  6. Even though it wasn't action packed, it was a very good episode. Can't wait for the next one.

  7. com on upload the new episode! I missed it yesterdAY.

  8. How cool if Hershal had one of those old-timey garter belts men used to hold up their socks..with a holster for his knife! Love your site keep up the good work!

  9. thanks for making this show I love it.

  10. wow..finally I found the site to watch the whole season 3 episode..thanks admin..more power..movie marathon hehe.

  11. umm is there a missing episode because the last episod was the booby trap black guy and now there a meeting?

  12. Hey admin, what made y'all want to make this site for everyone to use?

  13. Hey admin, what made y'all want to make this awesome site for everyone to use?

  14. ok why is it not working? it stops playing 5 min into it wtf.

  15. Ya know, he always talks shit about the recaps instead of giving it a rest, going to another site, or just not reading it in general ugh. Shows us who's the real asshole.

  16. what happened stopped half way through show? ughh been waiting so long to see season 3 grrr and ive already d/l stupid players does not give link for d/l.

  17. Sergeant Cross X Correct. And always the top commenter for some reason. Does he know the author of this post is not native to English. Yet he is and he still cannot write English properly.

  18. Josh you cannot even write English well yourself STFU.

  19. Man I love you guys so much best site ever.

  20. Why cant I go to the next episode? And the Season 3 Page isn't working. It's saying it's gone.

  21. why are audios of ads playing in the background.

  22. I just found this site and thank you so much, now I get to finish up this season and get ready for season 4!

  23. because every time you play the video an ad pops up in the background. Thats how they make money. Just close the duplicate of whatever browser you are using

  24. why is this episode the same as episode 14 for me?

  25. Need a music section for each ep :)

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