Full Episode: The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 14 – ‘Prey’


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The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 14 Recap

The Governor mounting bolts the pet’s chains to the wall in the interrogation room, smiling to himself since he assessments his achieve. At the same time, Andrea and Milton watch as Martinez loads a stockpile of guns onto truck.

Back in the interrogation chamber, the Governor lays out tools with a stand alongside an old dental office couch. Milton encourages him to think twice of his grudge towards Michonne, yet the Governor demands in revenge for Penny.

Later on, Milton admits to Andrea in which the Governor may kills anyone in the prison no matter he gets Michonne or not. He asks Andrea towards the subsequent level of the interrogation building as well as demonstrates her the Governor’s pain step through a grate inside the wall.

The Governor goes inside the chamber and suddenly Andrea points her weapon at him, however Milton wrenches it away.

Martinez commands Andrea to surrender her gun as the Governor’s ask her to do so. The Governor comes closer and describes he really wants to protect Andrea through the physical violence. He asks her to go along with him for the rendezvous with Rick in the morning, and she confirms.

Afterward, Andrea gets to Tyreese along with Sasha while they’re guarding the walls, along with efforts to attract them absent. While they reject, she claims which she has departing Woodbury.

After the conference, Milton begs the Governor to set Andrea free. The Governor knows that Milton unveiled the ambush plan to Andrea and also slams Milton towards a wall.

In Woodbury, Allen shouts in Tyreese for risking their position with the Governor. Both argue days gone by, Allen puts the blame on Tyreese for weaken him in front of his family. Martinez rounds them up for a job.

Andrea geese in the forest while the Governor’s vehicle getting closer. Even though she hides, several walkers attacks. She gets rid of them with her own knife.

Martinez takes Tyreese’s group to the walker pit and requires support rounding upwards the dead walkers. Tyreese refuses to take part in a plan which requires serving persons to walkers. He provides keep Woodbury, but Allen intervenes and they also fight.

At the same time, the Governor paths down Andrea in his vehicle and after her across a field. She retreats to an abandoned warehouse.

The Governor eventually discovers the warehouse and also stalks Andrea within. He gets her with the entrance to a stairwell. She opens the door and slips behind it, releasing a group of walkers over the Governor. She runs away as the Governor’s screams loud right behind her.

In the heart of a night, a mysterious person drown the opening walkers with fuel along with lights them fire.

Andrea gets to the prison border and also surf on the defend podium. TBut before Rick can find her, the Governor tackles Andrea down.

The subsequent day, among the Governor’s adult men arrives to the pit and also locates the burnt walkers.

The Governor comes back to Woodbury throughout his pickup and tells Martinez that Andrea remains for free. Martinez reviews around the burnt walkers, with his great mistrust which Tyreese is responsible.

The Governor shows Tyreese as well as Sasha the pit walkers ended up only a scare tactic and also ended up never ever meant to wipe out people. Tyreese apologizes for being tough. The Governor requests in which Tyreese identified the gas.

In the mean time, at the Governor’s personal holding chamber, a new gagged and bound Andrea sits strapped by the dental office chair, the walker pet chains holding at the rear of her.

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  1. Good Job for the writer, director, producer and staff of The Walking Dead, People of the Philippines waiting for another good episodes and twists.

  2. I have to leave a comment to view this vid?

  3. thank you! I just watched this episode and the streaming video is fine as well as the mirror links! you guys rock!

  4. this is epic! thanksss for making this site exist!

  5. I only managed to watch it but bearly. it buffered the whole way throw and it had a lot of fps lag but all of the otheres I have watched on here have been brilliant so I'm wondering why this one is so poor and if the next 2 are going to be the same.

  6. All other episodes with the box player have worked great. this one is aweful, constant buffering. the mirror links aren't working either.

  7. thanks! awesome episode. can't wait for the next one!

  8. Where are the rest of the episodes?

  9. This episode is epic! Booyaaa governor

  10. Thank goodness for this site too…

  11. Thankyou Very much! really appreciated!:)

  12. Thankyou Very much! really appreciated!:)

  13. is there season 4 or not? sorry for this comment but I still don't know plsss help me… :D

  14. Is there any new or update about season 4? By the way Thankyou! :)

  15. walking dead is genious…. its like a drug, and I am a complete addict! thanks so much!

  16. I cannot stop watching them over and over again.

  17. episode 14 was the worst episode written. like 5 buildings and the govenor walks directly to the right one, zombie infected area, he walks directly to Andria. then Andria doesn't run to get away, or take govenors truck while hes occupied.

  18. She made noise, he heard to know she was there. She went outside the other way, not near the transport. Also, starting the car, no keys? Plus it was safer to walk as then no noise. You wouldn't last a second would you?

  19. They need a better writer for their story summaries.

  20. u comment this every episode. cant u just sit back and watch the episode without hating?

  21. u comment this every episode. cant u just sit back and watch the episode without hating?

  22. Joshua Dylan Tribble it may annoy u because of that, but it annoys everyone else if u keep hating every episode. please get a life. and also, do u see anyone else commenting stuff like that? no, so it only annous u, so stop commenting stuff like this

  23. Leila May You're commenting too, so before you tell me to get a life you might want to stop wasting time arguing with me in the comment section of a Walking Dead website you hypocrite.

  24. so maybe u should stop hating on the walking dead website then. im done. im out of here

  25. Leila May One: I never hated on the website. I hated on the writers of the recaps. Learn to read.

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