Full Episode: The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 15 – ‘This Sorrowful Life’

the walking dead season 3 episode 15

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The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 15 Recap

Many said that almost all the episodes of The Walking Dead feel aimless sometimes but it is not the case for this episode. Titled ‘This Sorrowful Life’, the episode is one of the most tense and focused episodes of the show. This episode sets up the last struggle between both the Woodburians and the prison group and it ends on a quite tragic note while also leaving a hopeful one, thus, making it an episode that virtually every fan of the show would not regret watching.

The episode begins with a scene where Rick spills the Governor’s offer to Daryl. Following the scene, Hershel and Daryl then try dissuading while Rick insists that it is their very best shot to save lives and enlists help from Merle. Merle than warns Rick that the Governor will definitely not kill Michonne as the Governor only intends to torture her and advises Rick to bind her using wire. The survivors then work together and have Michonne explain a plan to them.

The scene then moves to the cell block where Carol tells Merle to pick a side while Daryl tells Glenn that Merle will definitely find a way to finally make up for what he did back at Woodbury. Merle then reflects on how the others hate him in the boiler room. Outside, we have Rick who finds a cable to use to bind Michonne but before Lori appears as he throws away the cables and immediately leaves after he sees Lori. He then goes to the cell block and declares to Hershel that the deal is off. At the same time, Merle, whom the others suspect to have abducted Michonne, tells the later that it is actually his best shot to save Daryl, as well as the others.

Meanwhile, at the prison, Glenn is seen asking Hershel for Maggie’s hands in marriage in which Hershel offers Glenn his blessing. The scene then changes to an abandoned motel tethering Michonne to a post where he then accidentally activates an alarm and attracts walkers. The two then enter a car in which Michonne says that the group will finally welcome Merle but he chooses to be an outsider. Merle then sets Michonne free while at the same time, Glenn scans a number of walkers and cut off the fingers of a female walker he runs into. Michonne then meets Daryl and tells the later that Merle set her free.

The scene then goes back to Merle who has arrived at the Governor’s rendezvous spot and hides while the Governor and his group shoot a group of walkers he has lured out by blasting music in the car he drove. Merle then aims to shoot the Governor but hits Ben, Allen’s son instead as he got in the way. The Governor then discovers that Merle is there and beats him before finally fires him. Back at the prison, Glenn places a ring in Maggie’s hand as a proof of their engagement. Rick then gathers the group and starting disclosing the offer given by the Governor stating that they should stick together. Meanwhile, at a feed store, Daryl sees a walker and realizes that the walker is actually Merle. He tearfully stabs Merle in the head after the walker tries to attack him. The episode ends with Rick watching Michonne who is in her way back to the prison from the guard tower.

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  1. The video this time isn't working :(

  2. they will repost the box address soon I'm sure.,…….

  3. Do you know if the box address by tommorow?

  4. they will post it in the next couple of hours.

  5. The vid doesn't work in Malaysia.
    So Sad T.T

  6. not working in Singapore either :)

  7. ending was sad /// what's even more sad is that there is only 1 episode left :(

  8. love this episode! It was really painful to see daryl cry…

  9. first I hated me Merle and wanted him to die but now u like him and than he dies :(

  10. I hate it when people dies it hurts alot.

  11. I hate it when people dies it hurts alot.

  12. Almost had a heart attack while watching this episode. I thought Daryl was going to die too. My heart broke for him :(

  13. I started watching the walking dead like 4 days ago, and watched like 7 episodes a day now Ive finaly seen all 1-3 seasons Thank you soooo much! I would have never seen season 3 if it wasnt for your site <3.

  14. Hi! Do you know when will be the final episode available? I can't wait to watch it, so interesting and stuff.. :D

  15. A great episode loved it, poor Daryl, lets hope he goes on a bad ass rampage and kills the governor himself! I have a question though, when will episode 16 be on the blog, It was on here' in the uk last night but I missed it :/

  16. It cuts out almost 30 minutes in to the show :(. Is there something wrong?

  17. Aarggh.. I hate Merle but when I loved him in this episode, then he died…and I thought Daryl was going to die too ;(…oh I love Daryl! this was a really great episode! one more to go, episode 16 for finale!

    #excitedmuch #bilarjudugpermi #mownightlovetulogmuna.

  18. Anyone notice that all these great postapocalyptic, supernatural dramas are set down South? I grew up there, and have now lived in the Northeast now for 14 years, and I gotta say, it's because men up here are pussies. Only a Southern man would be capable of ripping an arrow out of his torso and shooting it into a zombie's eye. Only Southern men can fight like real men! LOVE Daryl, now even love Merle. Great episode.

  19. Somethings has been bothering me…why did Merle pack the telephone when he took Misshone? Who the heck was he going to call? And how?

  20. really want to know why the recap and plot summary makes no sense at all, who the hell wrothe that thinking that it was good grammar?

  21. All the episodes start then keep freezing or go out of synch, how do I stop this and be able to watch them without interuptions like these please…

  22. Meryl and Daryl are the best characters in this whole thing.

  23. I love this series I cant wait for season 4 sadly I think Hershal or Dayle is going to die in the next season.

  24. For the telephone cord. He used the cord to tie up Michonne.

  25. When you see Daryl fucking Dixon cry…you can't help but cry with him. His emotional side finally came out. I hate The Governor, Merle went down in a blaze of glory! I hate The Governor for not putting Merle out of his misery and letting him become a walker!

  26. Yep they should have been the last men standing. R.I.P Merle Dixon

  27. never cried so much at the end of a walking dead episode before….. I'm speechless I feel like I felt all of Daryl's pain. meryl will be missed :'0.

  28. Whoa Kristin….maybe now they are pussies! I admit…"never killed a zombie"…in fact never met "a zombie"! It's "a bit" different when real people have weapons and are really trying to kill you!!!~!~ I was drafted and served with young guys from all over the country….east, west, north, south and central….most all of us didn't want to go to Viet Nam! There wasn't a distinction of who was braver….we were ALL $hit scared! Heros happened by accident…..if your adreline pumped during a situation…you did things you wouldn't normally do….no premeditated thought involved. We ALL just want wanted to come home!

  29. notice the car door is open at 33:09 and 33:16 but closed at 33:18

  30. haha The governor said he would leave us alone if we give him michone xD it rhymes

  31. And I just started liking meryl…

  32. Wow love the pictures of my daughter Stevie Lexie Rocha yo did a great job

  33. How did you "wrothe" your post thinking it was good grammar?

  34. Try using a browser PROXY (Like hidemyass.com) and use a US server.

    A proxy essentially visits the website for you, then sends it to you.

  35. Merle as a walker was very, very sad.

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