Full Episode: The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 3 – ‘Walk With Me’

The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 3 - 'Walk With Me'

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The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 3 – ‘Walk With Me’ Recap

The walking dead season 3 episode 3 opened with a helicopter, symbol of advanced technology and whoever owned it had to be a powerful man, crashed. Michone and Andrea saw the smoke of the crush and went there to check. The soldiers who were in the hole were dead but turned into walkers. Upon hearing car approaching, Michonne and Andrea hid in a bush. There they saw more soldiers coming out of the car, killing all the walkers methodically and professionally. They were then discovered by Merle Dixon. If you remember it right he was last seen atop a supermarket roof, handcuffed at Atlanta. His missing arm was now replaced with prosthetic bayonet arm. The girls then rode together with the men. While Michonne was attended to, Merle had a talk with Andrea, how the world became small when it was nearing the end. Andrea then gave him an update on what happened to the group after he left. Upon hearing the name Rick, he snarled at how he was the one who cuffed Merle up the roof. Back to the walking dead season 3 episode 3.


The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 3 - 'Walk With Me'

The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 3 – ‘Walk With Me’

Andrea and Michonne then met with the leader of the group, a man with status. They accused him of killing the soldiers even when they had not been bitten. The man calmly stated that they are. Everyone would turn into a walker, bitten or not. The place was called Woodburry. An all American town. The gate was protected by self-trained citizens preventing walkers from coming in. And there they also learnt the nickname of that man, which was the Governor. The girls wanted to leave but the Governor offered them a hot shower, meals and a change of clothes. And if they still wanted to leave, he would give them a car next morning. In the morning, a lady gave the two girls a tour around the facility. The town has a total population of 73 and one of the ladies there was pregnant so it would be 74. Though Woodbury seemed to be a town of bright civilization safe from zombie, there were also dark parts inside. They were experimenting with the walkers.

The Governor and Milton later had lunch with Adrea and Michonne. There, they had a talk while Michonne only glared all the time, not liking the situation where she was away from her katana. From there, we knew how the Governor saw the town, Woodbury, as a town that would survive the zombie apocalypse. And he was the leader of such town thus, feeling powerful and all. After that, the episode shows the scene of one of the Governor’s operations with his soldiers. And how he ended up killing his own soldiers who had turned into walkers because he killed them.

He returned to Woodbury, giving a speech on how the soldiers had been dead because of the walkers. And he gave a speech to boost up everyone’s moral to keep there and find a nice way of living. Andrea flirted with the Governor, wanted to know his real name. He said laughingly that he never told. At night, we got to know that the Governor was a bit of a crazy and had a fetish for collecting heads of the undead. The episode was closing at that. Well, we can clearly see that this the walking dead season 3 episode 3 is dedicated to introducing the new character, the Governor here.


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  1. I’m a huge fan of the show but i missed the first half of the season. Please make episode 3 available for viewing.

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