Full Episode: The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 6 – ‘Hounded’

The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 6

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The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 6 – ‘Hounded’ Recap

There are two and more for the plotlines which are different for every week which presented by the Walking Dead. You can see from the Walking Dead season 3 episode 6 when the story is really interesting with the two storylines on the same time. Most of the Woodbory people are on the spin off character and this story is completed with such a complicated and interesting conflicts such as the revealing true facts between the Governor and Rick. So, the prime storylines are always incredible with the appearance of some people such as Carl, Deryl and Oscar. Actually, this scene is taking place on the prison when they have to clear the walkers out. There is also a scene when Daryl is trying to help Carl. At this episode, people can also see the journey of Rick but unfortunately there is also a time when the Woodbury group hunted by the therapeutic madness people. Meanwhile, Andrea finally succumbs with the charms of grave voiced perfomed by the Governor which related with the brutal games on the Woodbury. At this time, people will see that she feel so interested with the fighting because of the new living on a new world.

The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 6 is Epic!

In the Walking Dead season 3 episode 6 people will also see the miracle of Rick which always become the same moment when Merle is capturing Maggie and Glenn who are about to prepare the supply for a newborn. At that time, Rick also get a phone call and finally the audiences see the true fact that he already gone into the deep end as a time of him to leave. People can also see when the characters are always talking about death even people can also see when Hershel is almost die because the walker bite him. This is also the moment of dramatic arousal which always important for the audiences to see. Finally, Rick also gets the best recovery though this person is not completely recovered from his sorrow and madness. The viewers of the Walking Dead season 3 episode 6 will also see the scene when Michonne get the new discovery about the quick bath as an effective action and even she finally knew the true fact about Merle as her new friend. She could find out the prison which can be seen from the smart clues from Maggie and Glenn’s conversation.

The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 6

The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 6

Finally, she knows the entrance of the prison. Since the last two episodes are always full of surprising actions it is always possible for the character to reveal the ‘Hounded’. Even there are also many improvements from the dialogue which done by the characters. There are so many mysteries which the characters really have to reveal since they will know so many great actions which always done by the characters. Better for the audiences to keep watching this movie since there will be so many great scenes in the Walking Dead season 3 episode 6. You will realize that the episode of this movie is always incredible which you shouldn’t have to miss them all. So, just always enjoy the two last episodes of the Walking Dead.


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  1. who’s that calling Rick in the prison??
    must watch the next episode! thank you for uploading! :)

  2. I love tat girl with the sword shes no! joke the walking dead season 3 esp. 6

  3. Episode was crazy man loved it!

  4. my video gets to a certain point and stops..

    • because u need to let it load its just like a youtube video just let the bar fully load or at least do it when the show is suppose to go to commercial that helps maybe its your connection because I never had that problem before I seen all the episodes on here and not once had that problem so check your connection or let the video fully load up

  5. Phone to the dead? That's just fucking dumb.

  6. even after Lori dies shes still annoying.

  7. shes annoying as fuck thats what she is

  8. How? He just lost his wife and is going crazy….

  9. gaaa! no matter how many times I let this 'LOAD' it won't play. :-(

  10. no its doesnt its just becuase u dont have a video thing u have to download

  11. But she's a badass, how is she annoying? :o

  12. lori is a bitch fucked with shane and now no one knows which guy maked the baby they think rick but is unknown

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