Full Episode: The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 8 – ‘Made to Suffer’

The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 8

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The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 8 - ‘Made to Suffer’ Recap

AMC’s The Walking Dead seems to be more thrilling. It reaches season three with more exciting story line and more thrilling events. All the watchers are impatiently waiting for the next episode. Since it is very interesting, everyone wants to watch and watch again. From all of the episodes, one that is interesting is season 3’s episode 8. There are so many unpredictable events that are happened to both walkers and survivors. I will reveal some part of the episode that can make you want to watch it.

This episode started with Tyreese’s survival group who had to fight with zombie herd in the forest. His group consists of his younger sister Sasha, and the other survivors who are Ben, Allen and Donna. It is sad because Donna got bitten by the undead and they have to crumble a building which is a back side of the prison. Meanwhile, inside his secret room, Governor released Penny from her cell. She tried to run but she could not make it because of the chain on her neck. Governor tried to calm her by singing a lullaby but it could not make her calm. Governor was frustrated and put Penny back to her cell. The rescue team that is commanded by Rick was deliberating their move while Michonne disappeared. On the other side, Merle held Glenn and Maggie. It is such a relief when Rick followed the sound of gunfire to the warehouse and threw smoke grenade that can help Glenn and Maggie escaped from Merle.

Finally, the rescue team could unite again in Woodburry’s distribution centre. Andrea was a little bit upset because Governor did not allow her to fight. However, Andrea could not hold it and she kept shooting at the rescue team who made their run to the wall. While all of those things happened, Michonne sneaked out to the Governor’s apartment and wait. She found Governor’s secret room and released Penny’s chain without knowing that she was a walker. She prepared her katana to kill Penny when Governor entered the room to prohibit her. Too late, Penny had stabbed by Michonne’s katana right on her head. It made Governor angry and attacked Michonne. What will be happened next? Well, I cannot tell it to you. You better watch this episode by yourself.

Anything that participates on The Walking Dead series has prepared perfectly. Their professional makeup artists make the zombies look very scary and make people tremble whenever they see the zombies. The story line which is very thrilling will make you cannot leave any single episode. The action of the actors and the actresses is also the other points that make The Walking Dead are worth to be waited for. It makes sense that people are always waiting for the next episode. It also makes sense if anything that is related with this television series makes people interested. People want to feel the thrilling feeling when they are surrounded by the zombies. That is why AMC will hold an event where people can feel the experience of The Walking Dead.

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  1. Really good episode yesterday. Too bad we have to wait until February until the next episode!

  2. How does anyone view these episodes? I’ve tried to view them all (1 thru 8) and they all give me a “video not found” error. It’s not my laptop because I’m able to view the Spoiler videos….

    • The spoiler videos are hosted in youtube, while the episodes videos are hosted on 3rd party’s sites which means sometimes you may get the error message but this can be resolved by clearing the cache of the browser you use. Let me know if you still have problems with the streaming.

    • It’s fine on my end though.

  3. I cleared the cache on Internet Explorer and Firefox and I’m getting the same message using both browsers: Video not found or access denied. :(

  4. rick is so cool !!
    is glenn goin to die, by the way ??

  5. I think they really need to bring back fear of the walkers! I mean I’ve heard the producers say they want to keep the show scary, but I think it’s lost it’s edge. Because lets face it, in reality it doesn’t matter how many walkers you kill, you are never going to get used to dead decaying people trying to eat you. It would always be scary.

  6. I can now view all of the videos. Thanks!

  7. I love The Walking Dead and Riek.

  8. well actually they originally wrote it in French and used google translate. O-O never use google translate

  9. Love this website, please keep updating, I am a new watcher of the Walking Dead and I am so addicted, it is such a great show, and keeps you interested with every episode. I appreciate all this site has to offer, and I am on here daily. Thank you so much for having a way to watch every episode :)

  10. if he wants his daughter to be calm around him he should just smell like a bitter -_-

  11. It's pretty obvious that English is their second language – and I think they do an INCREDIBLE job with their summaries. I'd like to see the complainers write in another language and capture the nuances of the dialect!

    Love this site, love the summaries, love the fact that someone takes the time to run this and keep us updated. A huge THANK YOU from NY! :)

  12. I just love how in this show every time its a new black guy the other one has to die #killalltheniggas -tried of this shit.

  13. How do I get rid of the press esc label in full screen?

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