Full Episode: The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 9 – ‘The Suicide King’


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The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 9 – ‘The Suicide King’ Recap

There is nothing more disappointing than missing your favorite TV show. You may have another thing to do the other night so that you couldn’t watch the weekly series that you like. Thankfully, we have internet now. It doesn’t matter if you still don’t have time to catch up with the latest episode of your favorite show. You can get the scoop of it online and dismiss your curiosity. If your favorite TV series is ‘The Walking Dead’, then get ready to read the recap of the latest episode below. Warning, some spoilers may occur.


The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 9 Scene

The mid-season premier, the walking dead season 3 episode 9, continues what has been left off in mid-season finale. You may be wondering about the Dixon brothers and the Governor right now. Well, the Dixon brothers are in trouble because the Governor has accused Merle for betrayal. The beginning of the episode shows a thrilling moment when the Daryl and Merle are trapped in Woodburry, but then they are able to escape the town because of the attack of Rick and his crew, which creates a perfect cover for them to leave. After a chaos with smoke bomb and gunfire, Rick’s crew reunites with injured Glenn and Michonne. But the walking dead season 3 episode 9 shows how it is not a joyful moment. The situations get into hot argument with raised voices and all. Glenn is so fed up with Merle that he wants nothing to do with him. Michonne, on the other hand, wants to kill Merle. Basically, nobody wants Merle’s existence in the group, but as a brother, Daryl chooses to stand up for Merle and refuses to abandon him like he once did. Finally, the Dixon brothers decide to go on their own and have their own journey before the crew goes back to the prison. When arrive at the prison, Rick tells Carol that Daryl is off the team. She looks disappointed, but she understands the reason.

The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 9 Scene

The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 9 Scene

The situation in the prison gets a little tense when Tyreese’s group shows up. Tyreese’s people are so fit and Herschel thinks that they could use the muscles, especially when the Governor comes. The absence of Daryl is a serious matter for Rick’s group, which is why Herschel mentions that they could use some reinforcements. But, it has been Rick’s nature to reject every help offer from new person. Rick doesn’t believe in such offer and tells Tyreese’s people to get out instead. He sees a vision of Lori and goes crazy. Meanwhile, the walking dead season 3 episode 9 in Woodbury, the Governor chooses to isolate himself after what the Dixon did. A zombie manages to enter Woodbury’s sanctuary and haunt some citizens. But then, Andrea shows up and kills the zombie. The Governor also shows up and shoots a bite victim. This situation causes a little frenzy in town, but Andrea tries to calm people down by her speech. Later on, Andrea meets the Governor and finds out about Glenn and Maggie being kidnapped. Although the walking dead season 3 episode 9 seems a bit disappointing for some fans, make sure to watch this one.

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  1. this is my fave, tho..!!

  2. I don’t think people got what this episode was about. yeah it wasn’t as good as I thought it would be but it was meant to set up the rest of the season more then anything so it might be worth it

  3. Really looking forward to Tyresse. He appears to be a good person and I hope he lives…just like I hoped Oscar would have lived…

  4. I hope Daryl is not going to die *fingerscrossed.

  5. I'm so excited for season 4.. daryl I hope you still alive untill the end of series.

  6. Daryl is my very favor8 character in the series.. Hope his character last at the end of the story.. Though, I hope all of them survive eventually..

  7. Just ready for the next season.

  8. Just ready for the next season.

  9. I'm very eager to see how they end this whole series.

  10. I really cannot thank you enough for this site. I stumbled upon The Walking Dead by accident one day when there was nothing else on TV. AMC was about to show the Season 3 finale, and in honor of that, ran a Season 1 & 2 marathon. I watched them all and really loved the show. Of course, I refused to watch the season 3 finale without having seen any of Season 3, which AMC did not play before the finale. Because of your site I was able to watch all of season 3 without having to wait for it to come onto Netflix right before the 4th Season airs. I'm caught up and ready for Season 4! Thanks so much!

  11. You know lately Rick has become a dick to everyone and that is what's tearing down the group.

  12. yes he is and he is forgetting how herchel let him and his group into his farm and gave him chance

  13. I found, or became a fan of the walking dead because of Pewdiepie he was playing the game online and I was watching his videos and I had to watch the show, I started on netflix then when the episoes stopped there I found this site and me and my mum can't stop watching it, best show ever love it! I was about to freak when darly got brought in I love Daryl!

  14. Carl is the only survivor by the end of the series and he's an adult by then.

  15. Carl is the only survivor by the end of the series and he's an adult by then.

  16. same here, but my fave character is glenn. I watched pewdiepie play it, then kpopp, then stacy and joey play minecraft version, so I watched it and I cant keep my eyes off of this tv series I love it

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