Inside The Walking Dead Maze in Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights 2013

  • 10 Sep 13

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Although Universal Halloween Horror Nights is not officially open until next week, we got the scoop on the terrifying annual event that adapts the AMC’s zombie show, “The Walking Dead”. Universal Studios in Hollywood and Orlando will celebrate Halloween this fall by teaming up with AMC to create vivid reconstructions and reenactments from the show’s season 3.

Fans of “The Walking Dead” can visit the theme parks and experience a zombie apocalypse by running from the zombies in a series of sets pulled straight from the show. The sets are based on season 3’s iconic scene, including the abandoned prison and the city of Woodbury.

This will be the second time the TV show adapted into the popular annual Halloween event, where previous themes were including popular horror movies and video games, such as “Evil Dead” and “Silent Hill”. Universal’s John Murdy revealed that ever since the premiere of the zombie hit show in 2010 Halloween night, Universal Studio have been a huge fans. No wonder they returned to the franchise for the second time in a row. The show had everything they look for in terms of Halloween Horror Nights, which are great environments and iconic characters. And when Universal reached to the show’s co-executive producer Greg Nicotero to reimagine “The Walking Dead” as a maze, they got a positive answer.

Inside The Walking Dead Maze in Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights 2013

This year, the maze, which is named “The Walking Dead: No Safe Haven” will allow the visitors to experience the horrifying events under the leaderships of Rick and The Governor. But unlike last year’s haunted house, this year’s maze features memorable popular characters from the show, including Lori, Milton, and Merle that came back to live as the undead! Judging by the looks of it, The Walking Dead maze seems to take place sometime before the season 3 finale, just as everything started to become chaotic for both sides and HHN visitors are trapped in the middle of the madness.

The visitors will walk (or run, depending whether if there’s zombies in sight) and explore The Walking Dead maze through recognizable sets, starting from Woodbury, the walker pit fighting arena to be exact into the cell block in the prison where the show’s good guys took shelter. Of course, it won’t be such an easy journey to reach the safe zone of prison cell block, because the visitors are forced to roam beside walker-infested zones separated only by weak-looking fences. The crew and actors will also make sure no visitors are leaving without having a few close encounters with the terrifying zombies.

Due to its amazing popularity at HHN 2012, this year’s “The Walking Dead” scare zone is being expanded across the park, not just a single maze. Other than the Woodbury – Prison set, Universal higher-ups decided to packed the entire street with another four of big-budget adaptation sets, including Atlanta, Dale’s RV, Hershel’s farm, and a reenactment of iconic episode “Clear”.

Adapting 3 seasons of the show, Universal Hollywood and Orlando will take the fans experience the terrible events of zombie apocalypse accompanied by the smell of rotting corpses. Would you dare??

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