Sneak Peek & Spoiler: The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 15 – ‘This Sorrowful Life’

At the end of last night’s episode it was hinted that Andrea had not only eventually got shrewd to the other side of the Governor, but that she was planning on taking part in taking him down. That was the interpretation of the tense dialogue she had with him after returning to Woodbury.

And the sneak peek for this Sunday night’s episode proposes that she and Milton are on the same page in endeavouring to stop him from doing anything to Rick and his group.

The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 15, which is titled “This Sorrowful Life,” is one of Andrew Lincoln‘s favorites and he said that it is big. Lincoln has notified MTV that the last couple of episodes of the season are very emotional and disclosed that not everyone will be alive. Two angry men are going into conflict against one another. Both have a group of loyal and dedicated fighters ready to fight. As well as this rivalry, there is a seemingly never-ending hoard of the zombies.

The Walking Dead Season 3 episode 15 spoiler posterHe has said that the episode will unbelievably emotional, and the people who may die may be in Rick’s assembly. It states that to have a truce with the Governor, a forfeit must be made.

Fans remember in the last episode how the Governor pledged to depart them solely if they turned over Michonne. But other spoilers have demonstrated that Rick will be torn to give her to the Governor or to start a conflict.

This Sorrowful Life” episode means that there will be great unhappiness ahead. A forfeit will have to be made to keep things calm and it has its followers speculating on what exactly that sacrifice will be. It is very unlikely that Rick will turn over Michonne.

So, could the forfeit be giving up the jail and going on?

Will they enlist in the battle and misplace some people of the group?

It has been said that two people will die by the end of the season, one of which is someone from “This Sorrowful Life. They state that the death will have an agonizing and emotional impact on the group.

Who could die that would cause such emotional turmoil?

While it would be sad to lose any members, surely its not possibly that it could be baby Judith?

If that were to occur, it would devastate them and may make it hard for them to move on. They have bonded with her and it would be bad to murder her off.

So who do you believe will be the two people that could go? Who knows?

But one things is for sure, you will be on the edge of your seat wondering if it’s going to be one of your favorites. Things are hotting up as its coming to its finale conclusion and there are going to be some tears shed when we find out who is gone for good!

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  1. When is the full episode no 14 Prey going to be ready?

  2. I think that Rick will turn Michone to the Governor, and think of some plat to assasinate him then. Merle is most likely to take the Michone to the Governor, becouse he was with him for a long time, and he may have mercy for Merle. Big fight's going to happen.

  3. I cant play the episod 15, huhuhuhu, sad.

  4. why I cant play episode 15? I like norman reedus.. he so nice!

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