Spoiler Alert! The Walking Dead Season 4 New Threat is Revealed

The Walking Dead Season 4 New Threat

Don’t you remember that in the previous news, it is said that in The Walking Dead Season 4, there will be another threat? And it is well-said that it is not a human or the walkers. So, if it is not zombie, then what it’s going to be? Can it be alien attack? Or another epidemics? Sorry to disappoint you, but it is not a disease. And since it is not a space-war serial, you cannot expect that it is the super genius alien. On the Entertainment Weekly, the executive producer of The Walking Dead season 4, Robert Kirkman, give teasing information that the walking dead season 4 new threat is the Mother Nature.

The Walking Dead Season 4 New Threat

What? Mother nature?

It is quite surprising knowing the next threat is the Mother Nature. Nobody expects that. It is not only powerful, but also unbeatable, right? How can someone win fighting against the great Mother Nature? When the amount of the walkers is getting larger and larger, it must be harder for the group of survivors to keep survive. Though it is not officially stated that the new enemy is the Mother Nature, but some statements of the crew and the cast make it clear that the new force could be the Mother Nature. On the Entertainment Weekly interview, Kirkman said that it was not only the number of the wilder walkers that made the survivors worried. But there will be a mysterious force that will strike them hard. He also said that Mother Nature was closing in on the group of the survivors.

Hearing Kirkman said such think automatically makes us think that he just leaked the second enemy after the walkers. Another clue is also coming from Scott Gimple, the new showrunner. On the interview with The Hollywood Reporter, he said that the new enemy was strong and unbeatable. It was the thing that nobody had ever seen that. It was something unusual that could not reason and be stabbed. It was also something incredibly dangerous in the real life. And it could be much more dangerous in The Walking Dead world.

We’ve got the clues!

Well, those two statements are quite simple and can be the hints for fans to guess what the enemy will be. And it is safe to say that the Mother Nature is the best guessing, so far. First of all, Mother Nature is super powerful. It is incredibly strong, horrible, and unbeatable in the real world. It is also something that cannot reason and be stabbed. Does it match with all of the crew statements?

Besides, it can be million times terrifying if that happens in the world of The Walking Dead. Maybe the idea is not only the mixture of the storm, hurricane, and flood. But it can be the mixture of the animal or insects carried with some virus on them combined with the wild hurricane while the walkers strike them. Is that too much? Well, it can be anything when it comes to the TV shows. In addition, the TV serial scenes are taken in Georgia. FYI, Georgia faces some types of natural disaster like flood, hurricane, storm, tornado, and wildfire. Though the newest force is not officially aired, why not think about the Mother Nature? Does that make sense?

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  1. I can not wait for the new episodes to start! hurry up!

  2. ummmm the mother nature that makes no sense its just mother nature

  3. great idea i'm a big fan of the walking dead and i am very happy that "the new threat ain't aliens or something.

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