Spoiler Alert! The Walking Dead Season 4 Second Half, Leaks about What Will Happen

February seems so far away as “The Walking Dead” is still on hiatus now and will return on Feb 9, 2014 on AMC. The Walking Dead Season 4 second half will start where the mid-season finale left off without any time jumps. The survivors will be scattered, homeless, low on supplies, and physically and emotionally drained from the last battle that took many of their companions. The epic battle also resulted in the death of the iconic villain, The Governor, which left the fan wondering who the next villain will be. Many rumors hinted that Negan, the leader of a group called ‘The Saviors’ is going to be the new villain. Other than that, we have concluded some spoilers of season 4’s second half of “The Walking Dead”.

The Walking Dead Season 4 Second Half Spoiler

Rick Will be in a Bad Place (Again)

Recently, in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Robert Kirkman said that Rick is definitely in a bad place, saying, “Not good is the short answer. There’s always a new low. Whenever I see someone say, “Oh, Rick is at his low!” I’m like, really? Just wait.” We know that he managed to escape from the prison with Carl and being in a pretty bad shape after almost beaten to death doesn’t help his case either, especially when there are some dangers waiting for them on the road ahead.  

Maggie and Beth Personalities Change

We can’t imagine how the Greene girls must’ve felt witnessing their father being murdered and beheaded in front of their eyes. So, we’re not surprised if the traumatic incident affects them deeply. Showrunner Scott Gimple talked to The Hollywood Reporter about how the devastating loss not only shock Maggie and Beth, but also the rest of the survivors, “Hershel’s death, the loss of the prison, civilization and everything they built up — this has all been taken away from them, and they are moving into very uncharted emotional waters.”

Judith Might Be Alive

Because of all we saw was a bloody carseat and no body, there is a big chance that Judith is still alive. Her name, which was missing from “The Talking Dead” memorial reel also indicates that she could be very much alive. Kirkman teases this possibility by saying, “That’s another big unknown that we’ll have to find out about when we come back. She could be dead. She could be maimed. She could be fine. We’ll just have to find out.”

The Identity of the Rats Feeder Will be Revealed

We haven’t forgotten that someone in the prison was feeding rats to the zombies. It wasn’t revealed on the previous episodes, but it will be in the next half of the fourth season. So, you’re about to find out if your guess is right.

Carol Will be Back

When Rick exiled Carol earlier this season, he believed it was for the best. However, there were many problems went unresolved with Carol’s gone, such as Tyreese’s wish to avenge Karen’s death. Although we clearly don’t want him to kill Carol, a confrontation between the two will be interesting. Another speculation hinted that Carol would have saved Judith’s life, which will help her seek redemption in Rick’s eyes.

With its intriguing story and heart-pounding actions, looks like this season is going to be the best season yet of “The Walking Dead”!!

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