Spoiler: The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 13 – ‘Arrow on the Doorpost’

The Walking Dead Season 3 episode 13 spoiler poster

With February 10 quickly approaching, several The Walking Dead fans become more and more excited about what happens next in AMC’s hit TV series. The Walking Dead took a mid-season break after episode 8 where Rick’s group saves Glenn but loses Daryl Dixon in order to escape. The last episode’s ending was the confrontation (or reuniting?) of the two brother Daryl and Merle Dixon, which were separated on the show’s first season.

This ending gave fans several questions hanging over their heads, like what will happen to Daryl and Merle? Will the Governor kill them? What happens to the group when they find out Daryl is missing? Several questions left unanswered, only to be found out when season 3 continues.

Episode 13 Spoiler: Rick return while The Governor attack!

These are some spoilers and speculations gathered from The Walking Dead forums sites and entertainment web sites, some of these information are unconfirmed and only speculated by fans. One confirmed spoiler about The Walking Dead Episode 13 on season 3 is that it will be titled, “Arrow on the Doorpost“. No video spoilers have been released for episode 13, but other sources say that the 13th episode is where Rick returns to the prison, only to find out that one of his members has gone missing. The Governor also attacks the prison to punish the attackers that have caused panic and turmoil in his town.

Not much information is available on episode 13, but fans are able to connect the dots with previously released spoilers on episode 10, episode 11, and episode 12. Morgan, Rick’s old friend from season 1, is confirmed to return on the show’s 12th episode. This means that before returning to the prison, Morgan and Rick cross paths somewhere near the prison’s vicinity. Episode 13 spoiler still remain unclear and vague, but may soon be shed light on as the season comes closer to episode 9.

the walking dead season 3 episode 13 spoiler

The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 13 Spoiler

The Walking Dead took a mid season break after its 8th episode, “Made to Suffer“. It is set to continue with its 9th episode on February 10th with the episode entitled, “The Suicide King“. With several video spoilers on the upcoming episodes, fans become more anxious to find out what happens in the lives of Rick, Carl, Andrea, Daryl and the rest of the survivors.

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