The Walking Dead Cast Invaded Conan O’Brien Show!

  • 13 Apr 13

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Who doesn’t love watching Conan O’Brien’sTonight Show’? The witty and funny Conan O’Brien can always make the scene more interesting. But when the show is invaded by post-apocalyptic zombie outbreak survivors, the scene is not the usual anymore. But still, the audiences seem to enjoy this invasion, no?

Following the season finale of America’s number one television show, The Walking Dead which preparing Season 4 is about to make you thrilled again. But before the series makes a huge comeback, let’s just calm down and wait. If you are not patient enough to see your favorite series, though, you can enjoy the Tonight Show being invaded by two special guests, which happen to be the outbreak survivors Carol and Merle.

The confused Conan O’Brien is just hilarious, as Carol and Merle suddenly walk in the studio and ask him to stay for a while. The two characters seem really exhausted because there are many walkers out there trying to kill them. Of course Conan can’t say no, so he let them stay in the studio. But what happens next is just funny.

the walking dead conan interviewThe Walking Dead characters Carol and Merle start to shoot everyone in the studio, including Conan’s crew. Some of Conan’s guys who get shot make terrible dead faces, which invite the endless laughter of the audience. Even Andy Richter gets shot too, and it infuriates Conan. But Merle, a character played by Michael Rooker, insists it is a bad joke only. Everyone laughs.

This surprise scene of Conan’s makes us fans of The Walking Dead Season 4 can’t wait any longer for the premiere. Sure, the wait is still long, but it will be worth it. While waiting for the show to come back from dead, you can entertain yourself with this funny clip from Tonight Show. Check out the video above! Nobody can’t resist Carol and Merle playing funny in the funniest show ever, right?

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