Spoiler: The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 9 – ‘The Suicide King’

The battle in the Governor’s flat tonight was well worth the entire show the part of crystal glass in the Governor’s eye, Michonne eliminating his zombie little girl and also those grisly fish tanks crashing as well as let’s not stop thinking about the respond to Andrea’s face while she spots her boyfriend’s collecting severed heads, exactly what an episode!

After that there was clearly Rick as well as his group of 4 storming a greatly armed city of Woodbury to protect Maggie and also Beth, not forgetting Carl, simply a young child, responsible for a prison – everyday was unbelievable. Right now where actually did they leave us? Curious about what exactly is likely to happen to Merle and also Daryl since they were staying stood up in the zombie area with Woodbury’s citizens screaming to slaughter them.

Episode 9 Spoiler: A Kiss from Beth?

On the following The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 9 – ‘The Suicide King’, Sunday, February 10th at 9pm ET ( okay, we need to wait around that long ), Andrea is within the area and also she knows Daryl, whenever she begs with the Governor to save his personal life simply because he could be her good friend, he informs her that it must be not as much as him anymore.

Woodbury city society will never be quiet since they was previously in the 2nd half of season 3 and also Andrea may want to go and then watch her old buddies. The Governor are going to asking Andrea’s integrity and also we do start to see him taking part in what we all figured out would definitely happen in the long run, he assaults the prison.

The Dixon brother reunion might be short-lived, in case the town of Woodbury has something to say about that. Rumor spreads that Merle should make it to the prison, however who would know what is going to happen to Daryl. Love is within the air also why not whenever Maggie and Glenn are constantly getting it on in the center of the zombie devastation. However this time, It will likely be Carl’s move while he may get a kiss from Beth.

We are now eventually left with 3 groups, the most likely result is going to be that the 2 which are in the prison participate in one another in the battle against the Governor as well as his people of Woodbury, great versus evil i would say. However, the new group will definitely consider the thought of overtaking Carl, Lori along with Hershel, they don’t understand what they may be in for, will they? Carl are able to deal that entire group a huge load of butt kicking almost all by himself.

The Walking Dead will return on February 10th with Episode 9.  So stay tune by subscribe our spoilers and news as well as the full episode as soon as it’s aired on AMC.

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