The Walking Dead Season 4: Could It be The Last Season?

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  • 26 May 13

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American horror Tv Show The Walking Dead is going to start its fourth season, and people then asked how long this series going to last. The question is appeared because some worry that the concept of fighting zombie will become outdated and not too interesting anymore. People then worried the series will meet the same fate as its comics predecessor with over 100 issues without showing the signs of the end.

As announced on December 21, 2012, The Walking Dead will start its fourth season on October, 9th 2013 for at least 16 episodes. Regarding to this issue, people then guessing this series will be the longest one that’s going to last at AMC. People realize that the AMC has deviated the comic story line, especially at Season 3 finale “Welcome to the Tombs.  But people still wonder, will AMC also adopted the never ending comics storyline into the series itself? The comic creator Robert Krikman himself revealed that he hasn’t found the end point of the comics yet. It seems to show the indication that the series will continue to follow the comic rule.

Despite that the AMC itself seems intended to make the series longer lasting and thought that fighting the zombie is still interesting moreover it was combined with a post-apocalyptic world scene. For the plan in the future, AMC Network CEO Josh Sapan promises more exciting surprises and thrilling than the other season. Josh Sapan even said his TV cable doesn’t intend to end the series due its positive review and high rating. Josh Sapan said that he is really hoping that the Zombie is never die ad life last forever. He also added that the show is the only series that pictured post apocalypse condition so clearly, so he don’t have any reason to end the series. Despite that he also revealed that David Morrissey’s villainous Governor will be returned in this season as regular and will make the series going so thrilling and exciting.

john sapan amcJosh Sapan seems very sure that The Walking Dead series going to last forever. Jokingly he said that someday people will sit at the 2022 Barclays conference then talked about the series that wasn’t over yet. Sapan is really confidence because he has been realized that the Walking Dead series keep receiving mostly positive reviews from time to time yet the rating is quite high too. That’s why this man assures us that the series will last for a long time but still very exciting and interesting.

Well, its likely that the AMC has the plan in the future to create even 7 or 8 seasons of The Walking Dead series. The next run will give us a lot of surprises since American character actor, Lawrence “Larry” Gilliard, Jr. from The Wire will take the series regular role as Bob Stookey, a haunted Army medic. Besides, the  other cast members like Chad Coleman, Sonequa Martin-Green and Emily Kinney were upgraded to a series regular for season 4 of the Walking Dead series.

Well we can’t deny that until this day The Walking Dead still receiving positive review and earning high grossing yet highest rating. That’s why the AMC still trying to keep the series and never worries about its continuation in the future. And of course the series enthusiast hoping that the Walking Dead season 4 will last forever and more thrilling in the future.

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  1. There are a lot of crap shows that last wayyy longer than 4 seasons. This world is still so untapped, with the possibilities of human drama, plot twists and turns withing the zombie lore itself as well as exploring bands of human muraders intent on taking advantage of this time, the government conspiracy option as well as zombie hunters. There really is so much more that can be done with this show. They just gotta be sure not to drag storylines out to far and not be afraid to mix it up a bit. Like now, it really is time for the Governor to die!

  2. Nooooo! I wish for season 5 :3.

  3. Can't wait for season 4 :') love much!

  4. Hey Sapan or whomever runs AMC give TWD a 10 year deal before you loose the series to USA,SYFY Or FOX!

  5. That Ace dude is right Sapan SIGN THE WALKING DEAD THRU SEASON 14 ASAP!

  6. 10 year lmbo give The Walking Dead a 50 Year Contract! 5000 episodes minium and 26 per year too minium!16 is BS Josh my man!

  7. Geez – although I was really interested in reading this article, the massive amounts of elementary-level grammatical errors made it absolutely painful – proof-read please before posting!

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