The Walking Dead Season 4 is Coming Closer: Revealing a New Dangerous Threat to the Audience

The Walking Dead Season 4 Revealed

‘The Walking Dead’ is approaching us. This fall, the walkers will come to us with a new force and the characters will show us how they will survive. There will something or someone that will intrude the survivors’ “safe place” in the prison. Will it be something? Or someone? David Morrisey, the actor who portrays The Governor in the series, emphasizes that the “something or someone” will be a new threat that not only do the survivors have to be cautious, but also the fans and viewers. The new threat is “very, very dangerous”, he says, that  The Walking Dead fans should be afraid of it.

Moreover, David Morrisey told that there was a whole new threat in Season 4 which the survivors have to deal with, and the fans will soon know about it. He added that this new threat is “the thing that has been known to be quite common”. The zombies will be the same and regular threat for all humans, just like they have always been. However, the new, extra threat will make everything become even worse. The world will be a very dangerous place. There will be many different reactions from different people towards this new dangerous situation. This will surely make everything become a lot much more complex.

Morrisey kept adding that the new threat is not going to be easily removed or killed. It is basically something that happens inside this world. It is another thing that is very perilous. He presumed that when the audiences see that “thing” later in the show, they would understand why he kept saying “dangerous, dangerous”. This “thing” will have a lot of identity for each of the character in the show. That is why; each character will give very different reactions towards the “thing”.

The Walking Dead Season 4 trailer was released for the first time at the Comic-Con. From the new trailer, the viewers got a hint about the new dangerous threat. It is suggested that there might be someone who is feeding the walkers. These walkers are multiplying in the new season, which will be very threatening for the survivors. Indeed, the walkers are not as manageable as they seemed in the previous season. There is also a shot of Tyreese (portrayed by Chad Coleman), who is a newcomer in Season 3. In the shot, he looks down at something and his expression is so horrified. Of course, the viewers will not know what it really is until this October.

The comic creator and executive producer Robert Kirkman said that in the show things would be even crazier and worse than before. He also emphasized that he people would be more ragged as things that are more horrible are coming on their way, and they have to deal with those things. The Season 4 showrunner Scott Gimple also added to the statement. He said that all the show makers and actors did things that blew his mind, out of the safe zone. Everything will get crazy in no time.

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