The Walking Dead Season 4 New Characters

the walking dead season 4 characters
  • 16 Apr 13

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Nowadays, there are many television shows in many different genres. Drama, comedy, horror, and thriller are just some of the themes. People who like constant challenges, fluctuation, and emotional scenes must love horror-drama series. This kind of series provides a pumped adrenaline as well as tears and other emotional remarks.

One of the best horror-drama television shows in America right now is The Walking Dead. The season finale of the third season is just shocking and thrilling, so waiting for the upcoming season feels too long. But before the show comes back from dead, let’s prepare for some new characters in the next season.

We all know that the survivors of this television series are the main storyline, but we may have not expected that the number of survivors will keep growing. Yes, there will be several new characters in the prison, and of course you can’t miss them out.

the walking dead season 4 charactersThe first notable character is Roy Stark. He is a guy in his mid 30s-40s and a former Army medic. Roy Stark will be a series regular, and right now, AMC is holding casting calls to find the right actor for this The Walking Dead Season 4 character. He is said to be charming and confident, so let’s see how it goes.

The comic-series fans may notice that this character is somewhat an adaptation of a comic-series character called Bob Stookey. He’s a former Army medic, too. Bob Stookey has an alcoholism problem that leads him out of the Army.

Roy Stark character may even remind you of Abraham Ford. He’s a character in the comic-series and has an experience in the Army as well.

Given that there are many new characters you will find in The Walking Dead Season 4, there is no way you can’t miss the premier of the new season. But in the meantime, let’s just relax for a while and wait patiently until the series is back, shall we?

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  1. Roy Stark welcome to TWD S4 Woooo can't wait.

  2. Roy Stark welcome to TWD S4 Woooo can't wait.

  3. oh great.. I can't wait to see the new season.. >.<

  4. r.i.p merle :( nd I hope daryl dosent die in s4.. nd I hope rick dies cuzz then carrol will get mad too :)

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