The Walking Dead Season 4: New Threat and New More Zombies

The Walking Dead Season 4

It is great achievement for The Walking Dead because it becomes the longest epic trailer at Comic Con 2013. It should continue in this year because we will see the new season of The Walking Dead. All the cast and creators work so hard for the new season, The Walking Dead Season 4. The team wants to offer new and big villain for this season.

In the new season 4, there are plenty of interviews behind the scene and also teases that will be found. First you will know the new situation that is told by Andrew Lincoln (Rick). He says that the winter has passed. Rick and the group starts to consolidate all things from the prison such as about the reinforce structure, and the plan to start farming to support the large population of Woodburry.

Some of you will find some interesting parts in this new season buy maybe one of the most intriguing is the Lauren Cohan statement about this season. “It is not even the walkers, and it is not even other people in this time. There are lots of new threats.” Robert Kirkman also adds “It could be more deadly than before”.

You will find new star in this new season. Lawrence Gilliard, Jr will come and play as Bob Stookey. You can also find the regular actors, such as Emily Kinney, Sonequa Martin Green, and Chad Coleman in the new season. From AMC confirmation we know that David Morrissey’s the villainous Governor will be coming back in this season 4.AMC still wants to add three new roles for this new season and it becomes new soul for this new season.

The new season must be waited by lots of people. People want to know what will happen in the next season. People always want to know the end of the season and start the new season again. it signs that The Walking Dead is lovable. Robert Kirkman must feel so proud with his project.

The new season 4 or The Walking Dead will not only be perfect with the coming of new actor but with more zombies that ever. You will find more zombies in the new season and it is serious. All things will be made different and unique for this season. There are some cool elements that will shock all the audiences. Robert Kirkman says that he just adds more zombies to make this season better. Robert Kirkman also promises new farming, consolidation and also new defenses. You must wait for the new threat from some stars in this new season.

So, what do you think about The Walking Dead season 4? You must be shocked with new threats, some zombies, new farming, new star and new consolidation. You should wait for the coming of villainous Governor in this new season too. What are you waiting for? You can check some videos to see the prediction that you will find in the new season of The Walking Dead. Please be ready for the premiere of the Walking Dead Season 4 Sunday, October 13 at 9.PM on AMC.

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  1. So will you have episodes from s4 upload after they permire?

  2. @ leAnn i seen somewhere on here tht they try to put the new ones on asap.

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