The Walking Dead Season 4 News: Hershel and Carol are Promoted

the walking dead season 4 news hershel & carol
  • 12 Apr 13

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Nowadays, we have so many television shows to watch. Those shows are all in different genres. We all have our own favorite characters in a television series. It’s kind of sad when our favorite ones are not the regular on a series, isn’t it?

For those of you who like The Walking Dead, you can be relieved now. Your favorite characters, Hershel and Carol, are now series regular characters. Fans around the world think that these two characters have strong contribution to the series, and apparently, the creator Robert Kirkman does, too. Hershel Greene, who is played by Scott Wilson, indeed shows a significant role in The Walking Dead Season 4. His wise and fatherly-figured character is growing deeper as the show goes by. His relationship with other characters also starts to be more meaningful. Hershel constantly shows his love to his daughters Maggie and Beth, and is often regarded as the moral compass among other survivors in the group. Therefore, upgrading the status of this character into series regular is just the best thing to do.

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Another favorite character in this series is Carol Peletier, played by Melissa McBride. This character really develops from an abused housewife to a bold and tough woman, especially after the death of her abusive husband Ed and her beloved daughter Sophia. Carol also has a significant relationship with Daryl Dixon, whom she cares about a lot. There are many emotional moments that we could see from this character. So, we all don’t want to miss watching Carol on The Walking Dead Season 4 and thankfully, the creator don’t, either. Of course, you don’t want to miss the season premier of your favorite television series The Walking Dead, do you?

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  1. Does anyone know where I can watch breaking bad season 5?

  2. Can't wait! I really hope Daryl and Carol will take on a romantic relationship! They are both so perfect for each other in their own special ways and I think (so far) have shown a lot of growth, not to mention that the slow building bond, love they have built for each other will be adorable if they decide for them to get together at some point in the show! Gah! I really hope they do!
    Daryl and Carol are my favorite characters! Along with Michone.

  3. Carol can't die, shes the only female character thats still alive from the Atlanta group (the beginning) so good news to hear she'll live. (:

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