The Walking Dead Season 4 News: Tyrese, Sasha & Beth are Still Regulars

the walking dead season 4 news
  • 14 Apr 13

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The exciting part about having a favorite television series is the wait for the new season. Sometimes, the wait has to be long, but it will be worth it. During the absence, most fans keep wondering about some changes in the TV show. Usually, there are some character changes, or at least upgrades. The recurring casts are promoted to be regular, showing that the characters will have a lot more to perform in the new season. Nevertheless, new regular characters are not going to outshine the old ones, because the show will only get better.

A successful horror-drama television series is just what we’re looking for and that is why people can’t wait any longer for The Walking Dead Season 4. The America’s top television show tells us about the post-apocalyptic world where zombies (or walkers) are all around and people who aren’t infected have to survive. There are several notable survivors in the show, and the number keeps growing from season to season.

the walking dead season 4 spoilerIn The Walking Dead Season 4, there’s good news for everyone. Your three favorite characters have been upgraded to the series regulars. These three characters are Tyrese, Sasha, and Beth. This promotion means that you will see them around much more than before, and their characters will have significant roles in the show. Other series regulars will also have to share their spotlight as well, you know.

The Walking Dead Season 4 may not be here yet, but it’s not wrong to celebrate the upcoming season by taking a look at these new regulars. Compared to the comic series, Tyrese is the only character among these three who has a comic book counterpart. There are no Sasha and Beth in the comic series, but some speculations say that these two characters are the adaptations of some comic-book characters.

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