The Walking Dead Season 4: Possible Romance for Daryl and Shane is Judith’s Father?

The Walking Dead Daryl Dixon

Daryl Dixon started as a mean redneck, who didn’t care about everyone else, only himself and his brother Merle. Now, his character is a fan favorite, or particularly female-fan favorite. Daryl transformed into someone the group is counting on, not only for his survival skill, but also his caring trait and now, sometimes a leader.

So, as the perfect male character who didn’t get any “actions” these three seasons, will Daryl get romantic this season of “The Walking Dead”?

The closest person Daryl possibly romantically involved is Carol. Her character started out as a submissive wife of an abusive husband, but now became stronger, especially after she lost her daughter to the walkers. Daryl and Carol have grown closer and they often support each other and have deep meaningful conversations. “The Walking Dead” fans may viewed these as flirtations and root the close friends to become a couple. And although it is possible for Daryl and Carol to hook up in Season 4, other possibility on Daryl’s romantic interest surfaced after the release of the newest trailer. Beth is seen somehow smitten with Daryl.

Norman Reedus, actor playing Daryl answered when he was asked about how he would feel about that, “I can not tell you that, but god she is cute, so fingers crossed.” We also know that Beth is still a teenager, but come on, it is the apocalypse. Laws and rules don’t really apply now, do they?

Other character that has been through personality changes is the group leader itself, former sheriff Rick Grimes. He started out as reliable leader, but as the story progressed and his wife’s death, Rick turned into a strict leader (fans called it “Ricktatorship”) and even went a little bit nuts. But in the newest season, we were promised to see Rick in a better place as he will be sharing his throne with democracy and become a more doting father to his children, Carl and Judith.

We can see Rick cradles Judith in Season 4 trailer after his best attempts to avoid her on the last season. So, does it mean that Rick will spend more quality time with Judith?

I suppose any time that I’m not killing zombies is quality time for Rick,” Andrew Lincoln said.

But yeah, you do. And I think that certainly after the death of Lori, I think that a lot was brought into question, certainly in that last episode. And Andrea helped that sort of narrow his focus much more on his son, who obviously is in a very, very disturbed state toward the end of last season, and I think he has to take responsibility for that. Yeah, I do think you see a lot more of him, you know, attempting this role.

But to keep things intense, Jon Bernthal who played Shane, Rick’s bestfriend slash Lori’s lover for the first two seasons recently claimed that Judith is indeed Shane’s child according to the comic book.

100% Shane’s baby. That baby’s going to have a big, old busted nose and giant ears. You know what I mean. 100% Shane’s baby,” he said.

Whatever, it’s not like there’s going to be any way to know like a DNA test, right?

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