The Walking Dead Season 4 Spoilers: Change of Leadership?

the walking dead season 4 spoilers

Warning: This article contain spoilers!

The world can no longer wait for the number-one television series ‘The Walking Dead’ to come back on season 4. The finale of season 3 was mentioned as the most watched episode in TV history and the fans can’t stop expecting something spectacular to happen on the next season. Unfortunately, the season 4 is not here yet. But, if you are so curious about Rick Grimes and the group on the next season, feel free to read the spoilers below.

There are still several months to go before the hit series is back, but apparently, many fans are not that patient to hear some good news, or even bad news. Robert Kirkman finally revealed to the fans about some possibilities, including Rick Grimes being dead. He said that the group could survive if the leader died. We all know that Rick Grimes is the leader of the group, and Kirkman said that anyone could go at any time. So, even if Rick Grimes is not dead on season 4, other characters may be killed off. All fans of ‘The Walking Dead’ should be prepared from now.

With or without Rick Grimes, the show must go on. When the leader is out, someone has to take his place. Many fans speculate about the ‘new’ leader, and most of them guess Daryl Dixon. Norman Reedus character has been growing a lot. At first, Daryl Dixon was just a guy who liked to play on his own term. But he slowly became closer to the group and started to protect everyone inside, especially Carol. Daryl Dixon has become another ‘alpha’ male on the group. His boldness and good instincts are his strength. If something bad happened to Rick Grimes, Daryl Dixon would be the one to replace him naturally because of his strong leadership.

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  1. Watch it! …killing Rick is extremely risky.

  2. can you please tell me the date of the season 4 thanks.

  3. wow my sis told me just watch the 1st then I'm sure u'll like it n hell ya I'm in2 it. watchd all episodes from the beginning n now I'm hooked. mayb I should hav a littl part in the series even if I die right away lol. washya that'd b awesome but ya this show gets u thinkn WAT IF. but kinda scary also but I like it alot n very interesting. Rick cant die please.

  4. Daryl is my fever character he is so cool. I wonder when rick dies who will be the leader.

  5. I kinda saw this coming when Carl told rick in one of the episodes in season 3. Carl told rick he should step down as a leader and let either Hershel or Daryl take over.

  6. I have now seen every episode of this show. I actually started to lose a lot of interest when Dale died. It's hard to stay dedicated to a show where the characters just keep dying off. You have to adjust to new characters all the time instead of having the pleasure of watching your favorites grow through different extreme experiences. It's like if the X-Men just started getting killed off and you had to get used to replacements left and right. In my humble opinion, I would say it would be more wise to keep a few steady characters so we can enjoy having them brave through a world that seems impossible to live in. That being said, I'm neither here nor there on watching any more of it. I think I get the idea, it's a cruel world and everyone is dying all over the place. The theme of having no character loyalty is creating an atmosphere where I don't feel like I need to express fan loyalty. Final note, the acting in this show is incredible! I tip my hat to all those involved in making this show such a hit. Keep on acting and if I hear through friends that some people stay alive long enough for me to care what happens to them I'll tune in.

  7. you cant kill rick. I mean a lot of people would be unhappy about I mean the show was mainly about him and hes who we started with. I mean hes the guy we left the hospital with, who found lori and carl with and killed shane with. Plus I mean we already killed off lori and if they killed off rick who does carl have? I really don't care for carl but I still don't wish his parents dead. and its a pretty low angle to play carl on. he started out with probally the only kid in the zombie apocalypse who still had a picket white fence type family where everything was perfect. and ending in the zombie apocalypse an orphan? I think the producers are better than that.

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