The Walking Dead Season 4 Proudly Announces the New Characters and Actors

The Walking Dead New Characters
  • 13 Sep 13

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Following the success of The Walking Dead 3, the producer and the story writer of The Walking Dead are about to launch the next sequel. The Walking Dead 4 as the new sequel of The Walking Dead is expected involving a new and fresh story line compared to the previous series. Aiming to show the promise, the producer and the story writer then make a new story of The Walking Dead sequel which involves more characters and more complicated twist.

Talking about the new characters involved in The Walking Dead 4, the producer, Scott M. Gimple claims the new characters appearing to give more variations to the story itself. Instead of the zombies and the old characters which are the representative of the survivor from the Woodbury, there are some new characters the audience may get curious about them a lot. Right before the premiere which is scheduled on October 13th, the producer announced the new characters which are adopted from The Walking Dead comic characters.

The first new character in The Walking Dead 4 sequel is “The Wire” which comes from the comic character “Bob Stookey”. The character of “The Wire” is taken by Lawrence Gilliard, Jr. In the movie, the character of “The Wire” seems becoming so much attractive regarding the setting of the movie will be in the prison environment. Instead of “The Wire” there are some other characters involving in the new sequel of The Walking Dead. The AMC horror-drama then announced three new actors to role the upgraded characters from the previous series. They are Chad Coleman, Sonequa Martin-Green, and Emily Kinney.

Those three upgraded characters are expected to bring more conflict, scare, and turning point to the whole story line. Besides, the upgraded characters are involved in the story regarding the story line represented in the comic series. On the other hand, to give more surprises and to reduce the interference of the comic of The Walking Dead, the producer collaborated with the story writer and the casting manager have begun casting the new characters to fulfill those open roles.

The characters have been designed not being familiar with the audience. Thus, the audience, especially those who have been reading The Walking Dead comic, cannot predict how the story line will be going on. It seems that strategy works well in this sequel. Adding new and surprising characters which do not appear in The Walking Dead comic sequel will attract more audience to feel the new and fresh story presenting in The Walking Dead 4. It will not distract their interest and concentration while enjoying the full of surprises-movie.

The producer and the whole crews of The Walking Dead 4 believe that the new sequel of The Walking Dead will be much more frightening. The audience will be given so many twisted scenes which involve various characters including the walking dead bodies’ attack. It is impossible if the audience not to get scared seeing who beating who or who eating who since there are several new characters which are unrecognized before (in the previous sequel).

The new characters casted are expected to bring the audience more curiosity about them, whether they are friends or foe for the main characters, which are the Woodbury’s survivor. We will see it clearly on October 13th. So, don’t miss it!

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