The Walking Dead Mid-Season Finale & Premiere: Carl Does Something Cool?

The Walking Dead Rick and Carl
  • 20 Oct 13

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The Walking Dead season 4 just started airing last Sunday, but the cast had wrapped shooting for The Walking Dead mid-season finale. Season 4 will take a break in the middle of the season, which is the episode 8 that will air on Dec 1. And along with the finished production of The Walking Dead mid-season finale, surely there are some talks about how the story will go with the survivors in the prison. Who lives, who dies, will they survive in the prison, or will they find another place to live are just among the most frequently asked questions which we’re most likely not going to get the answer until the episode airs.

But, Andrew Lincoln who portrays former sheriff Rick Grimes was kindly enough to tease about the mid-season ending, saying it was too good to pass up. Believe us, we’ve never pass up any episode of the AMC’s hit drama. The British actor even described the episode as one of the best TWD episodes ever. Now, he made us set our expectations high.

So, is The Walking Dead mid-season finale a tough contender to last season’s Rick’s nervous breakdown after Lori’s death? “There’s been one scene that was pretty painful to do. It’s always the mid-season finale!” Lincoln said. He also described how he thought everything is going to be easier for Rick this season as he was farming and just kicking back. “I thought it was going to be a really relaxed season for me and then they just go, ‘Bam!’”

After his wife’s death, both of Rick’s children, Carl and Judith are the only two things he cares about. So, we’re guessing this season’s mid finale has something to do with one or both of his kids. The hit show will then air its mid-season premiere, episode 9 in February 2014. Will the premiere pick up right where the episode 8 left off, which is something about Rick’s kids?

The Walking Dead Carl Grimes

Andrew Lincoln answered that speculation with another tease, saying the mid-season premiere episode is a big showcase for Carl Grimes, which is portrayed by actor Chandler Riggs. “[Carl] does something this season.. Man,” Lincoln laughed, adding that episode 9 is Carl’s episode and it’s so cool.

Yeah, we’ll need to get used to that idea. Carl doing something crazy, scary, dangerous is more possible, but Carl doing something cool? That is something we haven’t seen in a long time. However, it hints that Carl survives into episode 9 and whatever Rick does as part of his focus to be a more doting father, looks like it’s working.

A while back, the show’s creator and executive producer Robert Kirkman said that aside from the premiere episode, episode 9 will be the episode that’s closest to a direct adaptation from the comic book. So, maybe Carl does something connected to the comics? Reread those comics, avid readers. Whatever it is, we’re pretty certain that “cool” means Carl is going to save people from a dangerous situation or kill some walkers in an unconventional new way.

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  1. u guys need to get another place……that prison is infected……the baby is going to get infected……get a basement in a hotel or a basement under a hospital. U all have to go shopping for clothe and food like can good…..even to move to a farm house and since u can go shopping for free, secure the house, make sure is concrete 2 floors……..get out of there!!!

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