The Walking Dead News: Season 5 Begins Filming in April

  • 17 Mar 14

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Are you ready for The Walking Dead Season 5? Well, the new season of The Walking Dead TV show is on the way. There is no wonder if you are very excited to watch the new season as soon as The Walking Dead Season 4 is reaching the end this month.

Just to remind you, the second-half of The Walking Dead Season 4 is reaching the 13th episode this week. It means that there must be only three episodes remained from this season to last. So, what about the next season? Good news everyone! The next season of The Walking Dead is on the way. According to some trusted sources, the film makers and the cast of The Walking Dead Season 5 are ready to begin the new season this year. After the short break, they are ready to go back to the field for film making.

The Walking Dead Season 5

For your information, besides the old cast and talents, there are some new talents and cast which will be involved. You can guess those new characters based on the comic book if you have already read it. As we know, based on the plan, the first episode of The Walking Dead Season 5 is scheduled to be airing in October 2014. It indicates that the cast to begin filming the fifth season around this month or next month. Fortunately, when I was seeking for the information, I found that Lauren Cohan, who plays Maggie Green, revealed something important. I am sure you guys will get so much excited about the news she was carrying.

According to her, the next season of The Walking Dead TV show will begin filming in April. Cohan also told Entertainment Weekly that Atlanta is chosen as the main location once more just like the previous season. When she was questioned about what will happen to her character in the next season, she did not want to tell the details. She just added that the first half season will be holiday for her. Well it seems suspicious, doesn’t it? So, what happens to her character then? Will she die? Speaking about death, there is a rumor that The Walking Dead Season 5 will involve one major shocking death. But, there is no clear clue about which character which will die or get killed there. Commenting on that, Lauren Cohan only said, “It is nice because any death that happens definitely leads to greater story.” She thought that The Walking Dead is already identical with killing and being killed, so someone’s death is not a serious matter. She also added that the upcoming season of The Walking Dead TV show will give a lot of surprises to the audience. Even though the next season still adapts the major storyline from the comic books, but she promises that some parts of the storyline will be different and more impressive but chilling.

The Walking Dead TV show is ready to begin the new season this year to continue the previous season which is reaching the end soon. There are new some new characters and some surprising scenes involved which may be different from what shown in the comic books.

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