The Walking Dead Season 4: Is Bob Stookey an Alcoholic?

The Walking Dead New Character Bob Stookey
  • 21 Oct 13

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In the episode premiere of The Walking Dead season 4 last Sunday, we finally had the chance to get to know the new characters including comic book’s adaptation, Bob Stookey. And as he walks through the isles in the supermarket and stopped at the liquor section, we’re guessing, is Bob Stookey an alcoholic?

Besides of his possible addiction to alcohol, everything about Bob Stookey remains a mystery. Played by Lawrence Gilliard Jr, the character Bob Stookey popped up in the episode premiere of The Walking Dead season 4 as someone who was found by Daryl Dixon a week before the season started. It is not clear where Daryl picked him up or why Daryl took him to join Team Prison. Did Daryl ask Bob Stookeythe “three questions” just like Rick’s protocol when Rick found the lady in the woods?

All we know is Bob Stookey joins Team Prison and tries to earn his welcome by doing a supply run for the group, which ends badly. A character’s lack of backstory usually means there are awful things regarding to the character. That, along with his tendency to alcoholism makes Bob Stookey a highly suspicious character on our list this season.

A sneak peek of episode 2 “Infected” shows someone holding out a live rat in front of the fence walkers as if he is intentionally sabotaging the prison. And as a new and unknown character, Bob Stookey fits the profile, especially if the character is based directly from the comic book.

Similar to his character in the comic, TV show’s Bob Stookey is also a former Army medic haunted by his past, which we still don’t know what it is. However, in the comic, Bob is one of the residents of Woodbury and becomes The Governor’s confidant as he saved The Gov’s life after Michonne tortures him. He is also, guess what, an alcoholic.

When confronted with the issue, new showrunner Scott Gimple said, “His backstory is not entirely the same as in the comic and the novel.” Gimple also described the character’s journey that is just like any other character that has seen things go bad over and over, and winding up in the stable place doesn’t necessarily make him forget about all the bad experience, which he struggles with. Actor Larry Gilliard Jr. added that there is indeed something deeper and darker that’s going on with this character. “We don’t really know what it is. We just know he’s got some issues that he’s dealing with.”

With Bob Stookey’s alcoholism seems in line with the comic book character’s personality, another question begin to surface, could he be a spy for The Governor? If in the TV series, Bob shows signs of addiction to alcohol that matches his comic character, Bob Stookey as The Gov’s right hand can also transpire in the AMC’s hit drama. After all, we have been wondering why haven’t The Governor made any move on Team Prison that practically destroyed everything he had (his town Woodbury and his already-dead zombie daughter). Looks like Rick and co. need to watch out for this new group member!

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