The Walking Dead Season 4, The Mystery Lying Behind Two Prisoners’ Death on: Did Carol Really Do a Murder?

  • 13 Dec 13

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The Walking Dead Season 4 is really awesome TV show ever. It does not talk bullshit anyway. This TV show delivered by AMC presents more than just a drama and epic action scenes. The Walking Dead Season 4 provides a high quality show which can drive the audience crazy. Among various scenes involved in the mid-season episodes of The Walking Dead, there is a new mystery revealed. There is a scene when two prisoners, which are also the survivors, are killed. There is minus evidence and witness that can show who the murderer is. It is going to be a blast after one central character named Carol admitted that she was the murderer of those two prisoners. Rick as the leader could accept it barely. However, as it is revealed, Carol had been sent away from the prison due to her statement as being responsible of the death of two survivors, Karen and David. But, what becomes the most concerned mystery to discus is that whether Carol was really in charge of that murder or not?

The Walking Dead Carol

What Lies Behind This Brutality and What Happened Afterwards?

The mystery lying behind the sudden death of Karen and David is still becoming a hot topic to debate on. The show-runner of The Walking Dead mid-season TV show, Scott Gimple, has his theory related to this mysterious scene. Gimple states that there are two possibilities which may stay behind the death of both Karen and David, either Carol really did a murder or somebody else did it. Gimple reminds that there is a scene which seems having strong relation to what happened within the scene in which the two prisoners were found dead. Lizzie, one of the children characters, had found shot Tara’s girlfriend Alisha right on the head which causes the death of Alisha. For more information, Carol was teaching some children in the prison, including Lizzie. In the previous scene, before the prisoner scenes in The Walking Dead Season 4 were produced, Lizzie had been taught how to be strong and confident by Carol. In that scene Lizzie could not kill her own infected father. That is why Carol was willing to teach Lizzie how to be brave to kill, when this action is needed. According to Gimple, there is a strong possibility if Lizzie is the authentic murderer towards Karen and David, and also Alisha. It was just Carol who wanted to protect Lizzie as it was her duty to protect her. Carol has an image of a protector for the children in the prisoner. That is why it is very possible for her to replace Lizzie’s guilt of becoming a murdered with herself. It can be called a switching. Carol switched her position which was clean and protected with Lizzie’s whp was suspected as the real murderer. Based on Scott Gimple’s analysis, this theory is quite possible but there is a flaw. Lizzie had no strong reason why she should kill both Karen and David. Did she suddenly feel that those two prisoners were being infected and had to be killed? And why did not Carol get infected meanwhile Lizzie did afterwards? Some other speculations tell that Lizzie might be a psychopath living in the community and Carol just wanted to save her, but from whom?

The Walking Dead Season 4 episodes before the mid-season finale are the most intriguing episodes. There are a lot of things happen inside the prison. There are a lot of possibilities for the survivors to kill each other. However, according to Carol, the murderer could not stop the virus to spread all over the prison area. So, according to you all, who was the real murderer? Did Carol do a murder to protect Lizzie and other children in the prison? Or Did Carol do a murder just by herself? To find out what happens in the next mid-season episodes you have to watch the sequel. The Walking Dead Season 4 returns will be back on AMC TV after the midseason break. It will be more interesting to keep analyzing the mystery and making some theories.

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