The Walking Dead Season 4 News: Baby Judith’s Fate Has Been Spoiled

  • 13 Feb 14

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The Walking Dead Season 4 the second-half began the show on this February. As we can see, there must be a lot of changes compared to the previous season in the matter of scenes, sets, and characters. Talking about the characters, The Walking Dead Season 4 brings quite many impressive characters. Some of them are taken from the comic books and some others are just additional guests. Among the characters appearing in The Walking Dead Season 4, there is a very interesting character to discuss. It is Baby Judith. As the youngest character involved in the scenes, Baby Judith seems very amusing but also heart breaking.

Throwing back to the previous mid-half season of The Walking Dead Season 4, we can see that Baby Judith, or Judith Grimes, had been coming along with the survivors. She also appeared in the prison where the survivors lived for sort of time avoiding the zombie attacks. During her appearance in the first-half season, I should admit that it was very interesting to see a cute and beautiful baby stand out in the middle of zombie apocalypse. However, for me it is also quite chilling to figure out how a very fresh born baby can survive under that kind of circumstances. Based on the previous mid-half season, we can briefly find that something must happen to Baby Judith when the show was coming to an end.

The Walking Dead Baby Judith's Fate

I also saw there that there must be something suspicious related to the existence of Baby Judith and where she is going afterwards since she seems vanishing in sudden after a terrible tragedy. Just to remind you, in the first-half season, Baby Judith was abandoned in her carrier and something horrible happened afterwards.  And there was found some blood smearing on the point where the tragedy had just happened. I guess some of you must think that Baby Judith had probably died. But, I don’t think so that I try to find the proof of that. Fortunately, for those who are curious about Baby Judith’s fate after what happened in the first-half season you can get the answer related by now.

An international TV spotted a spoiler related to Baby Judith for the second-half of The Walking Dead Season 4. I bet you must be so much interested in that news, aren’t you? The spoiler comes from a kind of mobile phone camera or something because the photo is not really clear. The spoiler shows that Baby Judith comes alive. It is kind of relief, isn’t it? To tell you the truth, someone had saved her by the tragedy happened during a battle with the Governor’s forces. I promised not give you any spoiler but I can’t help myself to stop telling you who saved Baby Judith from misery.  I tell you that Tyreese is the one who did it. Tyreese saved her and was taking care of her until he had an opportunity to find Rick and Carl for salvation.

Now I will ask you, how was your feeling of knowing that your lovely character, Baby Judith, is alive after being abandoned? Are you relieved? I admit that I am very relieved of knowing Baby Judith’s fate by now on. Thank you for the spoiler spotting by an International TV related to our beloved Baby Judith’s fate, even though for some people it may ruin the show certainly. There are some words for you: just enjoy the show!

An International TV show has spotted the spoiler showing the fate of our beloved Baby Judith. It is very exciting to figure out that Baby Judith is staying alive until the second-half season after being abandoned during a battle in the previous season.

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  1. Tg Syazrina Raja Ahmad tengok ni

  2. Told you Tairis saved her Jack Self

  3. If you watch the 37 second video clip and pay close attention you can actually see Tyrese running and twice by paying close attention you can tell that he his carrying baby Judith. I watched it 3 times and all 3 times I seen Baby Judith's head twice bounce above Tyrese's left shoulder. I'm glad that Baby Judith is alive hopefully Tyrese finds Rick & Carl or Rick & Carl find Tyrese

  4. Seeing last week’s episode of TWD, I tried to also see if Glenn was there because it showed him waking up right next to the edge of that same bridge o.o

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