The Walking Dead Season 4: Spoilers of Episode 6, 7, and 8

Spoilers of The Walking Dead Season 4

The Walking Dead Season 4 is the latest sequel of The Walking Dead which becomes a very famous and favorable drama TV. The Walking Dead Season 4 is claimed having more surprising and chilling story line than the previous series. The location chosen to make the sequel, which is an old and forgotten prison, is also tricky and mysterious. It can be considered a labyrinth which can trap the survivors into unlimited darkness without anyone notice. Besides, the location, which isolates them from outside, also insists the survivor to be able to grow their own supplies to keep their lives go on day by day.

In episode 6, there are many things happening to the group. Following the last episode, which is episode 5 “Internment”, the next episode which is called “Live Bait” will be fulfilled by various threats which are more dangerous and deadly than before. According to AMC sneak preview video, in episode 6 the group still struggles to find their humanity in the middle of panicking situation where they are constantly threatened by the enemies and other deadly threats. In “Live Bait” episode, new threat which is worse than zombies and humans becomes the new enemy the group should fight against. The deadly threat which becomes the part of the survivors’ adventure inside the prison is a contagious disease. To be known, the prison which is used by Rick and the group to stay is a building which does not have sufficient air circulation. This condition can easily create deadly disease which can attack everyone in the group.

Besides, the medical supplies which seem to be used up also become another deadly threat they should fight against. Leaving the sneak preview of episode 6 which is written by Nichole Beattle and directed by Mike Uppendahl, we move to the spoiler of episode 7. Episode 7 which is called “Dead Weight” shows the addition of new group members. For some other members, the appearance of new group members may cause another problem which does not exist before. They feel threatened of the new members. In this episode, the problem faced by the survivors is getting heavier. Besides, as their leader, Rick must take a difficult but tricky option to save the whole survivors.

In episode 8 “Too Far Gone” the situation inside the prison becomes calm and more peaceful. Rick and the group can take a little break before continue fighting for their freedom and lives. However, the tragedy has not been over yet. Rick and the group still have to face another major attack which comes to the prison sooner or later. It is known that the major attack may come from The Governor himself or someone on his side. What will Rick and the other survivors do? Will they come alive after the major attack?

Episode 6, 7, and 8 of The Walking Dead Season 4 can be considered the very tricky episodes. Many threats appear in sudden. Each group member should be able to control themselves to avoid any internal conflicts, especially after the addition of new members. Rick as the leader of the group gets so much pressure from his people and the enemies. This condition may endanger the group as well meanwhile the zombie attack has not been over yet.

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