What’s Next for The Walking Dead Comic Book?

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  • 07 Jun 13

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The Walking Dead’ is a huge hit on television and there are a lot of people around the world waiting for the upcoming season to come. However, the storyline provided on the comic book series is already years ahead of the top television show and we are all dying to know what will happen next to Rick and his group of survivors. It has always been exciting to see those survivors manage to live, but of course, as die-hard fans we are looking for something more thrilling in the coming months.

Robert Kirkman, the genius creator of ‘The Walking Dead’, has a few things to say about what’s coming up next and the new characters we’ve met. If you want to find out what will happen next, you need to review some new characters you have met over the last year.

First of all, about the recent major characters like Negan and Ezekiel, Kirkman thought it was important to introduce such unique characters. The fans have seen how Rick and his group live and survive and it’s become a normal thing. But seeing other groups survive in their own way is of course a lot more interesting. Fans have probably wondered about the other survivors living in the post-apocalyptic world. These new characters are introduced to show how people could survive by adapting to the new world. Negan, Ezekiel and that Jesus character look like they have adapted to the post-apocalyptic world in such unique ways. They seem different and strange indeed and that’s because they are very affected by what’s been happening.

robert kirkman the walking deadThe comic book has been here long enough that it has showed many normal characters, as well as the bad ones who used to be normal. Giving some characters that are not normal will make people more interested in ‘The Walking Dead’. People will be curious, for instance, about Ezekiel’s being and how he has survived. And of course, seeing these new unique characters is much different than seeing ones on the comic book series. Kirkman just loves to experiment and explore the untouched ideas, making them appear exciting and thrilling.

Another important thing is about the story growing from a smaller group to larger communities. Kirkman thought it was necessary to bring more groups and more survivors to the story because in order to survive, these characters would have to gather with other survivors and form communities so that they would exist. The comic book series has displayed that surviving alone with no friend or ally is pretty much impossible. Making a journey with no help from others is not what surviving is all about. Kirkman and his team are exploring this growing path of a smaller group to huge communities. When asked about such larger communities changing into armies, Kirkman gave a teaser. He said it’s a maybe, but we all would have to pay attention to what’s coming up next at Image Expo this July. So, The Walking Dead fans should all be ready for more teasers to come.

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