Who Will Die and Who Will Survive in The Walking Dead Season 4?

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The televised story of Rick Grimes and other survivors is still enthralling for most fans of The Walking Dead the series. It was already interesting since when the first season of this TV series was broadcasted. In every season, there are characters who are decided to dead and those who are decided to stay alive and survive. Whenever a season ends, viewers will mostly question who will stay alive and who will die in the next season.

The main protagonist of the series, Rick Grimes, remains alive until the third season of the series. If you are an avid viewer of The Walking Dead, you may wonder what will happen with him in the upcoming Season 4, especially because Robert Kirkman, the creator of the series, has decided to make some radical changes in the upcoming season. Of course, those changes may either surprise or disappoint you as well as other fans of the series. Nevertheless, those changes are mostly expectable and you certainly want to enjoy something thrilling in a thriller TV series.

Looking back at the past, you can list all characters who were destined to die and those who were destined to stay alive. If you haven’t viewed all of the previous three seasons, this paragraph will give you brief synopsis regarding who died and who survived in the previous three seasons.

In the opening season of the series, you followed the story of Rick Grimes, a sheriff deputy who woke up at a hospital and saw a devastated post-apocalyptic world invested by reanimated dead bodies called walkers. His quest for his wife, Lori, and son, Carl, eventually led him to a CDC headquarters where a number of survivors, including his estranged family members and close comrade, Shane Walsh, establish a safe haven.

All of those main characters survived in the season, but they were forced to leave the haven upon the devastation of the headquarters. In the second season, those main characters, along with some other survivors, had to stop by an isolated farm owned by a veterinarian. Rick, Lori and Carl survived the season whereas Shane was killed by Carl after his dead body reanimated. Season three was probably more polemical than the former two seasons because Lori was dead in this season, a new infant character Judith was born, and Rick as the leader of the group was contested by the Governor. With such polemical plot, the fourth season will mostly be a worth-waiting for season for the series fans.

Upon IGN’s interview with the producer, Gale Anne Hurd, there are some clues of how the fourth season of the series will likely be. There must be some interesting things about how Lori’s death affects Rick and Carl, about the revelation of the true emotion of the hitherto mysterious Michonne, about the contestation between Rick and the Governor in Woodbury, and about who will die and who will survive in the upcoming season. The fans of the series will mostly expect bad guys will die and good gays will survive, although if we look back at the previous three seasons, such norm was necessarily deviated. So, the most avid fans of the series will mostly be interested of how that norm deviates in Season 4.

One of the biggest themes that fans of the series are curious about is the roles played by the three main gentlemen of the series, Rick, Carl and the Governor. If you think that the theme will also be interesting, you may want to either read the IGN’s interview or wait at your home if you think that spoilers will ruin your enjoyment.

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  2. Series 4 was compulsive viewing. My Wife and I can't wait for series 5!

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